Thursday, 24 March 2016

It's been a good winter...

The winter is a time to reflect, decide and devote some time to what you want and aim to achieve for the year. This winter, well since around October I have been making some changes that will hopefully prove critical this year. I have decided to rave longer distance this year and aim for 70.3 races as the main goes of the year, but I have also aimed to make sure I look aftermyself, make better decisions and do things for a reason and perpus to follow a plan and make decisions to ensure that 2016 is a good year. 

I have changed my diet, lifestyle and training to suit the demands of the sport that is triathlon and ensure that I am the best athlete I can be. I have started strength and conditioning again and now I am recovering better, it actually sinks in. I keep my glycogen stores high and this allows me to recover and train hard again. Something I was not doing and have not been doing very well for the past 12 months! 

I have had a good winter and this has allowed me to cycle well during winter reliability rides. Most recently the reliability. It was a 68mile ride taking in Malvern,Tewkesbury and Brendon with some serious climbing. I was happy that I was able to race well and I was able to stay with the front group....just about, through the climbs. Felt very happy with the effort and made me realise that the winter may have been a good one. 

My live for baking is still very high and I have and always will continue to bake recovery and energy fuel for my training. 

Above is a great protein cake recipe, which will be up soon using some great produces form 

This one is a great banana and choc chip polenta cake. So delicious and perfect for  a post training (although needs to be a tough session) glycogen booster! 

Back to running......

Not this just hurts, I'm slow and it's annoying. But I do see light at the end of the tunnel. I am trying hard not to over do things and make sure I come back stronger, but my legs are certainly fighting back and are not quite expecting the same as my brain would like. But I must be patient and we will see what happens! 

Friday, 11 March 2016

Just a quick one to get the ball rolling......Running again, Sunrise HILLLLL

Its about time I caught up and sent out a blog, although I have to be honest I haven't wanted to due to another run injury taking a lot longer than I wanted it to.....not fun!


I must say a huge thank you to Mindy at 206phyiotherapy  for the best physio work I have had, it was a long road to getting me back running, but we got there and now feeling as though I am over the worst of it and ready to start my year properly.

Turning a negative into a positive is very important, and I had to do this as I wasn't running so I diving (literally) both feet into swimming, and have not become a stronger swimmer than every before. I am entering 70.3 races this year, I have 2 on the cards and in the calendar and now the builds can begin. I am swimming and cycling better than ever, I have to now just concentrate on my running and not make any mistakes.


Over the winter I was able to do some blogs for Pulsin....have a look.

Banbury 23m Hilly TT

Well what can I say other than, what a hill! literally 19miles in you hit this huge till 16% alive it just goes up and up. This was the first real race of the year and it as a very fun race to have a go at. Started off into a huge head wind and to be honest if I wasn't feeling good I would have struggled, as I hate head winds. Watts were good and really enjoyed it, flying down the hill was great fun but the thought of coming back up it was not good. Hit the turn around point and headed back with the hill in the back of my mind the whole time. I hit the hill and it was tough, dragging a disc up the hill was really hard but also good practise for Little mountain TT in a few weeks.

The race was great fun, a little cold but happy with how it went. Felt good, and have recovered well, which is also a great plus. Need to make sure I stay fit and strong this year and have a solid season.

Riding for Echelon team rotor is going to be a huge honour this year and cannot wait to start performing and racing consistently and racing to a high standard.

I couldn't resist but get a little bit of baking in here! I will be updating the recipes in my blog soon, I have decided I am certainly not gluten, wheat and dairy free, but do watch my intake of all closely. So new recipes will be coming soon watch this space.