Wednesday, 25 March 2015


So I have brought a waffle iron, yes a waffle iron. I can hear the gluten free, high protein waffle imagination cogs turning. I have been tempted to buy one for a little while now and oh my what a joy, literally so much pleasure when you see a perfectly formed waffle come out!

Protein Waffles - First ever attempt.....and it begins!

Second attempt and recipe below. Getting adventurous, Chia Charge and pulsin protein waffles. No flour in sight!


100g Pulsin pea protein powder
50g Ground Almonds 
2 eggs (whisked)
50ml Almond milk

Mix all the dry ingredients into one bowl, and make sure they have combined well.

Mix all the wet ingredients in another bowl, make sure that they are whisked well. 

Combine the two together and make sure it isnt too think, if it is then add a little more almond milk. The batter should be a little gloopy, but too thick. 

Spray the waffle iron with a spray oil, I use coconut oil spray (trust its best)! 

Leave the waffle iron to do its thing, and come back to it and check its not burnt, then leave it till crispy and soft. I serve mine with almond butter and it was delicious. 

Monday, 9 March 2015


Velotec's Tri suit is instantly comfortable whether cycling or running. It was instantly likable as soon as put it on. The armholes have a larger mesh on the rear, which frees up your shoulder blades and makes it a real pleasure to run in. The smooth pad has good thicknesses and is a perfectly nice platform to be perched upon even during longer rides. The material is stretchy and supportive so it doesn’t restrict movement in any of the disciplines, while the open back allows free arm movement when running. Ventilation is good thanks to the front zip, and when testing it I also had a base layer on and still felt extremely comfortable. It is functional as well because of the pockets at the back which allow you to store gels and nutrition. It is comfortable from the off set and you can tell the quality from the start. this is an extremely well put together tri suit and will be hard to beat. 

A decent suit that does everything well and has great upper body freedom, high quality comfort and reliable.

Delicious Alchemy - Gluten free bread mix

I had the pleasure of being able to bake some delicious gluten free bread at the weekend. This gluten free bread mix is very easy to use because all you need to do it add water and oil. It takes the stress out of making bread, although it does take a little practice before you get it right, so I recommend ordering a few packets and not giving up at the first try.

I made four different batches at the weekend and they all tasted great and toasting them was unreal, so light and delicious. I made a normal brown bread mix, a nutmeg and chocolate loaf, a vanilla and honey protein loaf (my fave) and a coffee and chocolate loaf (didn't quite work, but it was worth a go).


Here is the brown bread mix, it was my first attempt and to be honest found it hard to make it raise. Without a bread mixer it was hard to add air for the rise and it baked a little dense. It was very tasty though and I e enjoyed it toasted alot!


Above is the chocolate and nutmeg loaf, it turned out very well and actually very tatsy, it ended up more like a desert loaf. It was delicious with a cup of coffee, and my mother also agreed!

I added, 3 desert spoons of coco and 1 large table spoon of nutmeg. This was the perfect amount and I also needed to add an extra 50ml of water to the mixture and beat for 3 mins and not 2 1/2 as recommended.

The above were made on Saturday and with the experience of these I moved on to being more adventures. On Sunday I made the protein loaf and the coffee and chocolate loaf.


For the protein bread I had to add a few more ingredients, I had to add 2 scoops of protein powder , 2 table spoons of honey and 50ml of water. Due to the extra power from the protein I had to beat it for longer, but carfully and try to add as much air as possible because it was a heavier dough mix. This proved to be more successful and had more of a raise then the others, this was to my surprise! I had it toasted with some jam and butter and wow what a treat. It took 3 attempts ot get a good raise and a good bake but I did it!

Last but not least I tried a coffee and chocolate loaf....well it was ok.....just not great at all. So I wont be posting that one..hahahhahahahha.


The mix was very easy to use and the instructions are floor less, impossible to not get right. I would recommend splashing a little water in the over to add moister to make a better bake and help the raise. Helping the bread raise is tricky, leaving it to prove doesnt really do much unless you get the mixing part right. Mix the dough well, and carefully, beat air into it and not out of it! Then leave it to prove for 30-40mins in a warm place. Then bake it....this should help alot!


Friday, 6 March 2015

@pulsin - NEW MINT CHOC CHIP PROTEIN BAR ----- WOW! Delicious.

This is by far the tastiest bar to date! wow what a creation. The mint isn't too over powering and the chocolaty goodness comes through. The protein is obviously an added bonus to the equation!

This bar is perfect for an on the go recovery,  a protein snack or even with a nice cuppa at the end of the day for a healthy gluten free desert. I would not question giving this to anyone and telling them just how good it is. It will literally fly off the shelves with it tasting this good, you will have to go back for me after trying them.
mint choc chip, vegan protein, protein bar, pulsin bar

A delicious, protein-packed alternative to a chocolate bar.

Enriched with raw rice protein, Pulsin's Mint Choc Chip Protein Snack is designed to give you sustained energy release without the crash. Containing a generous smattering of chocolate chips as well as a healthy handful of cashews and real peppermint oil
Protein is needed to build muscle and to stay healthy, making these bars ideal for athletes in training, those looking to lose weight, or anyone who needs an energy lift during the day.
  • Vegan
  • No added sugar
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Trans Fats
  • Non GMO

Monday, 2 March 2015

Dinner time @pulsin Chorizo Pancakes

Dinner time @pulsin Chorizo Pancakes

Prep time: 10 minutes       Cook time: 10 minutes       Serves: 1 (about 3-4 depending on size)


- 100g chorizo 
40g pea protein 
- 50ml of soya milk

-2 egg
- 50g spinach
-50g seed mix


-Heat up a pan on the hob on a medium heat (make sure it isn't too hot because it will burn the pancake). fry the chorizo once its been chopped into little pieces.  
-Add the egg to the bowl, whisk and then add the milk and whisk again to combine. 
-Then add the dry ingredients, spinach, mix seeds and protein. Must then mix it all together to for the batter. 
-Cook the pancakes slowly in the pan, the wetter the mixture the longer it will take. after around 3-4mins flip the pancake. After another 3-4mins the pancake should be ready.