Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Summer summer summer....

The summer is drawing to a close, but hopefully not too soon. The focus of the last 2/3 months has been the vituvian triathlon 10th September and things have been building well. I would say that I am running, swimming and cycling faster than I have ever and that is a nice place to be in. 2016 has been a healthy and strong year. Building well and it's allowed me to keep focused and make improvements. 

Improving my swim has been a focus of the summer and I have been able to do this swimming with groups and other faster individuals than myself. It has been hard by seeing the seconds fall off reps if a great feeling indeed. Literally just hitting the pool and trying to hang onto people's feet in front of me has allowed me to improve and become a stronger swimmer and boy it was needed! 

My running had also made improvement and I have been able to do this by running more and more with faster people, running with a very special group in Cheltenham has been tough, very tough at times, but meant I can make improvements. Training with faster people and just pushing yourself will allow you to improve. Train hard, recover and go again. In real terms it is simple....but we all know it isn't that simple. 

Pershore plum 10k 

This was a very fun event, and a great smash fest with a great runner named Ben Jones. He is a local runner I know well and always knew that he was going to be fast. I was just surprised I was able to hold on and stay with him until the end. Ben is a great guy and I was more than happy to bow out of the last 0.5k for him to take a deserved win. After the first 2k I was about 10th, the race as they normally do always start very fast and my leg speed due to a rather lot of training recently was not quite there, but as the race progressed I was able to just find a rhythm where the others didn't and they slowly dropped off. Before I knew it there was only 3 left. 2 in front and me, I slowly closed the gap and at 6k I was actually leading the ace. I was out in front and trying to lose the other two, but this did not happen. Ben stayed with me and we ran it in for the next 4k together. 

The course was rather windy and bendy and mixture of grass and road so not a quick 10k by any means. But a great effort and was nice to just run a 10k race with a friend and finish with a worc ac 1/2! 
Something I have been using of late to optimise performance has been TRUESTART coffee. It allows you got get the right amount of caffeine without under or over using it. 3mlg of coffee it the optimum for performance and training and with there measure scoop supplied you can make sure you get this correct every time. It taste great which helps a lot aswell....although this means you want to drink it too much. It's available in Holland and Barrett's. 

Recovering from races and training has been number 1 this year and Pulsin have helped me do this supplying my every month with great protein bars.

Bredon sprint triathlon 

This race for me was just more about swimming with a group and transitions, but still and always will give it my all. The swim went really well and actually came out of the water in a half decent position for once. But bike legs were not there at all and found every second of the bike really tough! The run was similar and felt very hard. But it was a happy day due to the fact I was able to swim faster than every and gave me great confidence moving forwards towards the vituvian in September. 

The summer on a whole has been great and I feel that this year I have actually made the most of it. Baking and training has been top of the list. 

I have had the opportunity to train with some great people and really enjoy it. I have been out and about with my coach Matt Bottrill!blog/i73a1

teaching me alive he can really ride a bike. Alan Murchinson, Mr Performance chef himself,

showing me how to time trial and cooking me great dinner and also meeting Vicky Gill, who makes great Bircher for breakfast! 

I have also had lots of interaction and great support from echelon cycles

they have been great all year, always there when I need them.

Now attentions look to the last few hard sessions and then a taper for the biggest race of the year the Vituvian triathlon.

1900m swim
52mile bike
21k run

Monday, 1 August 2016

Cacao, Peanut butter and dark chocolate slab

This recipe is a slight adaptation of many that I have seen. It uses some fantastic quality ingredients that I love and some new ones that Pulsin have been able to supply me with to have an experiment and come up with a few fancy recipes. 

This involves not baking and is very simple to make, and tastes great!



100g butter
100g crunchy peanut butter (meridian)
100g Cacao buttons (Pulsin)
20g honey

300g No added sugar chocolate drops (Pulsin) 
50g coconut oil 
50g salted pistachios 


Line a tin with baking paper ready for the fridge. 
In a pan melt the butter, honey, cacao buttons and peanut butter. Then poor this into the tin and place in the fridge and leave till it goes hard (2/3 hours or overnight).

For the top, melt the coconut oil, and chocolate and poor over the top. Then sprinkle the pistachios over. Place in the fridge and leave untill it hardens. 

Literally so simple and tastes so good!