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I am a Great Britain Age Group (30-34) Duathlete and Triathlete, and have raced at this level for about 2 years. I have only been racing triathlon for three years and since I started I have never looked back and enjoyed every second of it. The buzz and feel of competing increases for me year on year and I relish every second of every day that I am involved in my sport. 

I came into Duathlon and Triathlons quite recently, only taking part in my first race when I was 26. Now being 30 and having raced a lot more, it seems like a long time ago. I didnt come from a running, cycling or swimming background and have had to teach myself everything. This has come through a lot of help from a lot of people, and these people are all held in very high regards for everything that I have gained from them. I am still learning every day and this will never stop. Multi-sports is constantly developing and it is important to keep developing with it, it is critical to keep taking on advice and striving to improve all the time. 

The 2013 season was my first major season for racing Duathlon and Triathlon, I had a whole winters training behind me and having finished off my 2012 season with a GB Age-Group Appearance in the Duathlon World Championships, Nancy-France, I felt I was heading in the right direction. The season started off well and results were positive, its was on a whole a very successful season and I was very pleased with how it went.


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