Friday, 29 July 2016

Spain training, Droitwich triathlon win!

The months of June and July have so far been very enjoyable. Let's be honest, the weather is warmer and enjobale. Even in the uk you don't really need anything more than a jersey and bibs, and for any cyclist this is frickin ace! So much less kit and riding can be enjoyed with less layers and even less in hotter European countries.....this is where my Spanish trip comes into play. Not this time last year I was in no mans land, injuries and really not getting recovery and training loads right. I was over trained, not getting the nutrition right and adrienally fatigued. Not in a good place. Not this year I'm not making the same mistakes. 
Spain was a much welcomed break from the stresses of life and work, I can't lie, it gets to me. A lot! 

These pics do not do the place justice, the heat and hills were perfect. Climbing was amazing, coffee was great and I couldn't wish for anymore....take me back! 2 and even sometimes 3 sessions in a day, no work or anytime to worry about. Reading and sleeping when it's down time and all the time in the word to just enjoy the day! 

Droitwich tritathlon 

Now I have never ever gone under the hour in a sprint I knew I was in good form, so I thought I was capable  to do it, and I was, Jusg about! 

As you can see I had a rubbish swim, and I mean rubbish. Work needs to really be done in the pool before the 70.3 nationals in September. 

Really went at it on the bike and was happy with my time, I have improved a lot  recently and keep on improving. Need to ensure this continues! 

The run I was very happy with, but it would have been ace to run a sub 17! But own time! 

And to take the win was great! 

Well deserved coffee and cake! 

Now this is only a short blog to get me writing agian. We now build to the 70.3 nationals in stay tuned for more racing and training! 

As always I want to say a massive shout out to echelon cycle shop, my coach Matt Bottrill and Pulsin for all their fantastic support!

Next up...ride London 100m, Bredon hardwick triathlon.