Wednesday, 26 July 2017

On the long road to recovery....finally back

I have updated the inputs to this blog, I did it because I wanted to track some thoughts and the progress that I was/wasn't making. Things are now so much better, finally going well and I have found my legs and building towards the world duathlon Championships.

I literally cannot believe the impact that the antibiotics and illness had on my on. x


The road to recovery is a pain in the … you can fill the gaps with the words you wish, but I know what I would like to say. I have been training for around 7 days and I have only just started to find that my legs are not as heavy as breeze blocks. After 12+ days of inactivity due to the cellulitis and a heavy bout of 8 antibiotics a day for 10 days, things have started to ease off a little but not much.
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My feelings are that training for multisport is much more difficult to get the good feeling back into your body. If you start to feel like you have your running legs back, your cycling legs might be well off. Whereas if you are just training for one sport these feeling and muscle memory will recruit a lot faster. The power on the bike, and the strength in my running takes time to come back and being patient is critical. I have started sessions, hitting the gym and recovering correctly, I must ensure that things are done right and I don't mess the next 7 weeks up...

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My first sessions back have been tough, really tough. It’s hard to let people get away from you that you would normally be running, cycling or swimming next to, but it takes time to get back to where I was and I have 7 weeks until the world champs that I really want to put in a performance. I want to be able to go deep and race well, but time will tell if this is the case!

I just want to race again, but there is a balance, to race or to train. I know when my body is race ready and those positive feelings return, but until then I need to grind it out and enjoy the process of getting stronger. One thing I do know is that I never want to be out injured or ill again this year and I want a successful end to the summer and autumn racing well…SO LETS DIG IN AND TRAIN HARD!!!


My legs are finally BACK to normal...I have been waiting for this feeling for so long. I cannot believe the pain and brick like feeling has finally left my body. The run this morning was the first time in 4ish weeks that I have been able to find my top end!


My first session back after with Cheltenham Harriers were the feeling of running was not painful, bt was more of elation that I can now run again. I can hang on with runners who I was running with 2 months ago. I cannot express how happy if makes me feel to finally be training back to normal.

I have also had a dabble with road cycle racing, I have took part in to road race and found them to be great training and very beneficial to picking up and really pushing the top end. However they take some recovering from!



Droitwich triathlon, a fantastic local race. I really enjoy this race, I know the roads I help out and I love the people who organise it. This year not to my knowledge pre hand the caliber of athletes was really good. 5 people we under the hour (only one did last year). It is not a fats course, the bike is a little lumpy with 3 climbs to take the speed out of you on the bike, the run is flat and it is a pool swim.

I road to the race and had a start time of 8am. I was first off because I was Marshaling after I race. I had no one to chance the whole time so it was just me against the clock.

400m swim - 6.26 (pb for me, yes slow I know)

The course was not really even race ready when I got into T1, I had to lift the tape to exit transition.

20k bike - 33.00. I attacked the bike and took almost a whole min from my time the year before. It was a good job I knew the course because all the marshals were still in there cars as I went round.

5k run - 17.06 (a little short I feel) I really had to go for it, but it was just a time trial, no one around on empty field and just me against the clock.


I was able to post a time that I was proud of and hoped it would be enough. It was also easier for the rest of the athletes because they had a time to beat. Always easier to chase down a time. However, my time help all day, although 2 people went very close, 58.25 and 58.48 so it was a good job I didn't hold back!

Granola Recipe;

200g oats
1tsp cinnamon
100g mix nuts (chopped)
20ml olive oil
20ml vanilla
50g funky nut peanut butter (I used salted caramel)
100ml Maple syrup

First in a pan add the oil, vanilla, syrup and peanut butter. Once all combined and runny, take off the heat.

In a separate bowl, mix the oats, cinnamon and nuts together, then after that add the melted maple syrup and peanut butter, stir well and ensure that everything is coated in the syrup.

Bake for 15mins on 180, then leave to cool. Once cooled, break up and eat.

More updated soon.....