Saturday, 29 August 2015

VELOTEC Kit review 2015

Velotec have created a stunning and practical cycle range of the highest quality. The kit is delicate and clean and the designs just ooze class. The clean cut and silk feel just makes wearing this kit easy and enjoyable.

Trisuit ELITE

This comfortable suit from Velotec has plenty of give around the ribs and back to aid heat transfer as well as a front zip to cool on the bike and run. It’s also a fast suit in the water. When tested in a race it dried in good time once on two wheels and was comfortable to run off the bike. The pad is a comfy base for tackling bigger rides, tested during training so ideal for LD racing. The pockets will take two gels, but were a bit loose and (depending on gel shape) wobbly, although this was fine with a different gel brand. The suit’s snug fit doesn’t restrict movement though the different disciplines and provides you with feeling of quality and comfort to deal with speed and fast movement. I was very pleased with this higher end tri specific suit.

Name: Trisuit ELITE 
Size guide click here 
Size range : XXS-5XL (available for children)
Material : Lycra/Power Lycra
Temperature range: 20 ° / 35°

Perfrormance trisuit. Proper triathlon pad.

Mesh between the shoulder blades.

Pockets on the back.

Wider arm holes.

Silicon elastic at the bottom.
Fully customizable.
Price: £42 + vat
Based on 10 items


With the top-level Velotec CORSA bib shorts you have quality and comfort from the offset, it really is like putting silk on. Theses are right at the pinnacle of the performance tables. At first glance the pad looks almost too big, but its very comfortable, and the fit in the shorts is exquisite . It’s a multi-thickness, supportive, elasticated pad, but these details are hidden; what’s on show is a wide gripper band and great panel design that fits the crouched cycling position well. The silky finish to the shorts at a glance is very lasting and retro. These shorts are great, but sizing I would always go a size up.


This CORSA summer jersey is my favorite piece of the Velotec range, the slightly retro look and sleek feel it is effortless to wear. It almost feels like a second skin and just allows you to not have to think about what you are wearing and just ride. The arms have a tight but very comfortable grip band and dont leave marks after wearing it for a long time, I wore the jersey for 6 hours during training and had no signs of it being too tight of pinching. It is literally a joy to wear and I cant speak highly enough of the quality within this jersey.

Short Sleeve Jersey Code: CORSA RS 
Lead time: 6 weeks
Code: 03230
Size range : XXS-5XL (available for children and ladies)
Temperature range: 22 ° / 38°
Light and very breathable.
Perfect for cycling in hot conditions.
Full zip: black or white.
Three open pockets.
Elasticated silicone gripper bands on the arms and waist gives stability and comfort.
Fully customizable

Extra pocket with the zip on the back + £2,50
Price: £39 + vat
Based on 10 items


The full arms, back, chest and leg side panels are tight, silky and comfortable, and when you first put it on it makes you want to ride faster! I found the Custom Skinsuit cooling as I has the pleasure to race in it during a time trial in 29 degree heat and didnt feel overheated other than from the blistering sun, the suit actually almost kept me cooler as it adsorbed the sweat. The soft fabric, flat leg grippers and excellent pad show the quality of this kit and are really comfortable. It’s a very aero skinsuit, built for time trialing at the top level.


Velotec winter jersey is a heavier version and very similar fit to the brand's summer race jersey, but much thicker as a traditional winter top. Because of this, the jersey is better suited to mild temperatures than very cold weather I feel but I have not had the chance to test it properly due to it not being the winter yet. There are three rear pockets, which don't sag when loaded up and are pretty secure, thanks to the elastic tops. Styling-wise, it’s minimal and well judged, but available in different options. During rides the jersey was never less than perfectly positioned, and never flapped around. There’s no fleece fabric on the inside, but nevertheless, thanks to the fit, it manages to be very comfortable.


These instantly have a tight, comfortable fit and it is great, and in combination with this these tights don't rub, irritate or restrict movement. The fleece-lined bib are comfortable, soft and forgotten about as soon as they’re on. With good windproof protection doing a great job of keeping your legs protected from the win and in combination with the soft, comfortable fleece lining. The windproof panels also have the added bonus of offering some resistance to rain. as well as not getting too hot.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Breakfast Waffles

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Breakfast Waffles

Prep time: 5 minutes       
Cook time: 5 minutes       
Serves: 1 (about 2 depending on size)


- 20g chia seeds 
- 50g oats
- 20g mix currents and seeds

-2 egg
- 30ml almond/soya milk
+for the extra protein kick add 1 scoop of protein powder to the mixture. 30-40g (depending on size of eggs)

- 1 tsp honey (not essential, but can add for sweetness) 
- chopped almonds, chopped cashews, brazils.
-Mix fruit (currents, dates, apricots)
- 50g shredded coconut


-Heat up the waffle iron and wait till the light turn off.
-Add the egg, whisk in the bowl with the milk and whisk to combine. 
-Then add the dry ingredients, if the mixture seems a little wet, add more mile or protein depending on the density of the mixture. You are looking for a light batter.
-Cook waffles in the iron for around 3-5mins depending how golden you like them.

Serve with what every you like, I love to throw some almond butter on top. You could add soya yogurt, fruit (blueberries, raspberries go well).