Monday, 18 May 2015

Digging yourself into a whole.........FIT but not HEALTHY!


This is literally the best podcast I have ever listen to about over training. It talks about how training can become an obsessions, driving to succeed, and trying to become the best.

Managing weight, energy levels, training, food, life can all become problems and being fit and healthy are two very different things if you get them wrong.

In January 2015 I had all of the symptoms to suggest that I was struggling, but I stupidly ignored them. I raced and almost cried, I would train and be in pain for hours, I would literally fall asleep when I sat down in the evening. I wanted things far too much!


Now after 2 months of reviewing these problems I have now changed a lot of things I was once doing and everything is heading in the right direction. It was quite frightening to not be in control of your body, strange things happen you actually know the reason is completely you own fault. Fatigue is a crazy thing and can spiral out of control! You wake up tired, go to sleep tired, it can just be a never ending struggle. Now it is time to build and move on with all these though in mind......onto race reports...........

39 mile Classic CTT race - Beacon RCC – Sunday 26 Apr (K22/39) 39 miles 

This was one of the most fun, challenging and tough races that I have done. It was great fun and took in some of the hardest climbs around the Worcestershire area (ankadine and stanford bank). The time trial was 39 miles of undulating road, and very enjoyable....but yet very challenging. I had no expectations for the race and just wanted to do myself proud. I went into it open eyed and enjoyed it alot. At some times I didnt even this I would get round with any sort of decent time and I was always expecting people to pass me, but to be honest I wasn't passed by many at all so I was quite happy with that indeed!

I finished the race with no real idea just how I had done, other than I had stuck to the pre-desired wattage set by my coach and I was happy about that. My time was 1.53.25 and this was very respectable for the distance and the course.

My coach finished with a course record and won the race in fantastic style! so impressive.....and completely inspiring! smashed the record by 90 seconds!!!

K33-10m Saturday 9.5.15

This 10m TT is a classic round the Worcestershire area, there are different versions of the course and its very popular with the locals. It isnt a mega fast course, but also not a slow one (although was for me on this day). My wattage has been steadily improving week to week,

I went into the race expecting to go a little faster than previous weeks, although this wasnt the case. It may have been due to wind, drag, im unsure really....but my time didnt really show the effort. Which was very disappointing! hopefully this will change once I have a new bike.....I hope so anyway!

I out alot into the race and really enjoyed looking down at the watts and seeing that they were higher than previous weeks, but when I finished I looked at the time and was very disappointing...On wards and upwards!!!

"In sports you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for" M.Bottrill! 

I wont be stopping in my pursuit to time trial speed demon....although it might take a little longer than expected! I need to have patients and not get annoyed when the odd results doesn't go my way!

Freezer brownie and oat cookies .....Gluten free and simple baking.


150g oat flour
150g ground almonds
3 tbsp honey
50g pea protein
2 tsp chia seeds
1 whole chia bar
1 egg

1. Pre-heat the oven at 170
2. Add the oats to the food processor and wiz until the oats have formed a flour type texture .Combine all into a food processor and wiz till combined.
3. Make sure none of the batter is stuck to the sides and it all goes into the lined baking tray. 
4. Bake for 25-35mins and leave to cool.
5. Slice and enjoy (amazing with peanut butter) 


200g peanut butter
pinch of salt
4 tbsp of melted coconut oil
2 tsp chia seeds
3 tbsp of nutella
1 scoop of @pulsin pea protein
100g almonds
100g ground almonds

1. Pre-heat the oven at 180
2. Combine all into a food processor and wiz till combined.
3. Add to a loaf tin lined with cling film and place in the freezer.
4.Take out as and when and slice to eat.