Thursday, 17 August 2017

The build to Canada World Duathlon Champs...

The beginning of the end...PENTICTION WORLD CHAMPS


I have to say that this has been the best build I have had towards a race, however I am tired, and hungry all the time. But you have to become tired to become stronger. I am now at the point where I have to ensure that I don't go too deep and start to recovery towards the race. I have dug myself a little fatigued hole and now I need to ensure that I recover and get stronger, let everything sink in! In the past I have dug and dug and dug, but I have learnt from those mistakes and will not be doing that again. The only was I will race faster is making sure that I am fully rested and strong!

One thing I have started to do is realise that my new plant based diet it helping me to recover even better and help me to absurd training more and more. I have never trained better or more and the plant based diet has to be a contributing factor to this. Veganuary have been full supporters of this and I have recently become an ambassador for them. It has been an honour to work with them so far and discover just what the vegan community can offer, from the extremes to the normal. Unfortunately some people have had bad experiences with veganism and vegans and this paints a bad picture for the rest. But vegans are not to be feared and are just normal people! haha....kind of. They are very welcoming and always ready to offer advice and support to anyone who is thinking of going vegan. I have even dragged a few people in with me, and they have been rather surprised with how easy it really is.

Pea Protein New 3 Sizes RenderNew Vegan Protein Hamper Image

Pulsin have been a great help with veganism and have helped me out with products and knowledge. They have allowed me to understand that recovery can be utilised with natural plant based products. Check them out at

Chinese Five Spice Peanut Butter - Funky Nut CompanyVegan Savoury Nut Butter Bundle - Funky Nut Company

Have also been great, they have offered me a lot of advice on which ones are vegan (most) and they have fueled so many of my session. Peanut butter is just like the perfect training aid!


Arriving in California was such a relief and so nice to finally do after months of prep. After a lot of travelling around the UK and 2 trips to London after watching the London World champs 5k final, it was actually nice to board the plane and relax. I have to be honest I don't have a problem at all with flying, quite enjoy it. 4 Movies later, some not so great airplane food, a rather strange 24hr travelling day, I finally arrive in Folsom California. This place is wonderful!

Tomorrow I fly to Canada, two days and then ready to race, Monday 21st at 7.30am (1.30pm UK) I race. To be honest it is just a race, but I have been working towards this race all year. I wanted a goal and this was it. A holiday/race/see friends/travel and enjoy an experience.

I would kind of be lying if I didn't say I wanted to medal and come back with something to show for the sweat and pain I suffer on a regular basis in training. But it will be what it will be, if there are faster athletes than myself then so be it....but I'm not going to just bow down that's for sure!

I am going into the race fresh and ready to suffer like never before!

RACE LINK - (possibly hanging myself out to dry here offering the chance for people to track me, but have to be accountable) (1.30pm UK time)

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  1. Well really wish I could of been there Dan, great blog,
    I'm sending all the luck in the world to you in Canada,